Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Change the colour of your day!

When I was a kid there was a commercial on TV for a very yummy chocolate covered bar of honeycomb that just melted in your mouth. The commercial started off in black and white, grey and drab, but when the hip young things in seriously bad 80s outfits, with dubious dance moves and even worse hairstyles bit into the chocolate bar, everything turned bright and colourful, life was good…"change the colour of your day" was the catchy jingle they sang. When Kenji’s little folk (pictured above, about 5cm tall) came out of the kiln, this commercial from the eighties started playing in my head (a little worrying) and I was overcome by an incredible urge to change the colour of THEIR day. Kenji was very obliging so I whisked them away, pulled out my pile of decal scraps and dressed em up! They now sit next to my computer, and freak me out a little bit! They just seem so totally confused in a blank robotic kind of way. We have a few adventures in store for them however….so stay tuned!

Originally posted by Mel on Feffakookan 4/05/07

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