Thursday, 14 June 2007

A brand new batch!

We've been busy little bee's slipcasting and firing and decal-ing our little folk. So here's the latest little gang, 3 of whom are going to be jetting overseas tomorrow for some adventures with Melbourne jeweller and garage sailor extraordinaire Anna Davern. So the next month or so should see some interesting photos back with two sets of Littles travelling the world!

And yes fashionistas, that is a Dolce & Gabbana shirt, complete with mini logo. He is going to Rome so we thought we better dress him up a bit fancy!! These two Littles are stylin all the way!

Speaking of doesn't get much more stylish than the Brisvegas football team right.....!!?? Say hello to Bronco Little. This group should be interesting travel buddies me thinks.

And last, but certainly not least.....Lance Corporal Little, security and surveillance. Keep a sneaky eye out for this fella....

Friday, 1 June 2007

Bad Influence

So here we are trying to bring the Little People up to be good law abiding, cultured citizens and look what they're getting up to behind our backs. We wandered the streets searching for them everywhere and finally found them in a bar being led astray by bad people drinking beer.

In a desperate attempt to save them (particularly HER!) I had to down that beer immediately to get them out of there! They were exhausted from trying to tread water in that glass for all that time (particularly hard when you have a straw or two stuck up your leg I imagine).

And then for some reason as we were heading home on the train I had such trouble focussing the camera…..weird.

Anyway, we’re a little worried about the people they’ve been hanging out with lately so we’ve decided to send them away to get a bit of culcha. Kenji and I were really looking forward to going to the Venice Biennale this year but have selflessly given our tickets away to them in the hope that it will straighten them out and help them develop a deeper appreciation of some of the finer things in life. They’re going to be chaperoned by one of the most sophistimicated brisvegas ladies we know too, so there’ll be no more shenanigans in the pub for these two.

Look out Venice… they come!